Cloud Equity Group

Cloud Equity Group is a Wall Street-based private equity and mezzanine debt firm strategically positioned to capitalize on the rapidly expanding industries of web hosting and cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Our Focus

    Our primary focus is levering investor capital in the acquisition of private lower middle market companies that possess high levels of unlevered free cash flow and/or significant opportunity for exponential growth.

  • The Build Up

    Cloud Equity Group has been built upon the experience and ability of its founders to assess a company’s potential, develop powerful executional strategies, and implement fundamental change by use of superior management teams. Our proven and successful track record speaks for itself.

  • Our Honesty and Integrity

    We are ultimately judged and rewarded by creating significant value and return for our investors. We are recognized for our honesty and integrity while aligning investors’ best interests with that of the success of the fund’s portfolio companies and portfolio managers.